CPD Modules Available

  1. Medicare: Are you billing correctly

    TBA in Australia | TBA in New Zealand | 05 October 2018

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA By Simon Hanna and Luke Arundel (Note: For Australian optometrist only. Not relevant to New Zealand) The aim of this CPD educational Video is to give optometrists a better understanding of that items they should be billing depending on... Read More

  2. Myopia Control: Treatment Strategies

    2 in Autralia | 2CD in New Zealand | 13 September 2018

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA While working at the coal face of the myopia boom in clinical practice, I’ve shared my communication tools and management processes for progressive myopia across the world. In doing so, I have seen a burgeoning interest in this... Read More

  3. Glaucoma 2: Detection

    4T in Autralia | 1CD in New Zealand | 13 September 2018

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUCOTTICA    The goal in glaucoma detection and management is to delay progression of the disease so that the patient still has vision as they get older. The manner and methods of detecting glaucoma have changed significantly over... Read More

  4. Glaucoma 3: Angle Closure and Secondary Glaucomas

    4T in Autralia | 1CD in New Zealand | 13 September | 14 September 2018

      EXLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA In glaucoma detection and management, it is important to recognise forms other than primary open angle  glaucoma(POAG). These would include angle closure glaucoma and various common and not-so-common secondary glaucomas.... Read More

  5. Glaucoma 1: Pharmacology

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 07 June 2018

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA    Few areas in eye heath are changing as fast as glaucoma treatment and management. For optometrists there are a variety of options available to treat your patients’ glaucoma starting with eye drops and progressing to... Read More

  6. The Art of Multifocal Contact Lens Fitting (2018)

    2M in Australia | 0.5G in New Zealand | 05 June 2018

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA You’ve heard it all before, right? Every few years a contact lens company launches a new multifocal contact lens, and tells you how you should be fitting these lenses to everyone. So, you go ahead and try it. And guess what?... Read More

  7. Autologous Plasma Rich in Growth Factors (PRGF):...

    2T in Australia | 1G in New Zealand | 12 September 2017

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA      Accurate diagnosis is critical to an effective dry eye management plan. Ensuring the patient understands the multiple contributing factors to their condition and the need to manage each of these will improve... Read More

  8. Diabetes and Diabetic Eye Disease 2018

    4 CPD in Australia | 1CD in New Zealand | 24 October 2015

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA.  This module explores diabetes mellitus and diabetic retinopathy both in the context of the global community and current situation in Australia. A review of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy is covered. Diagnosis, management and... Read More

  9. Diabetes 2: Medical Management 2018

    4 CPD in Australia | 1CD & 1G in New Zealand | 08 December 2015

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA.  This module reviews the medical aspects of Type 2 diabetes mellitus. Topics include epidemiology, pathophysiology, risk factors, diagnosis, medical management and Complications. Read More

  10. Icare ic100 Tonometer User Guide

    2 CPD in Australia | 0.25G in New Zealand | 20 June 2017

    EXCLUSIVE TO LUXOTTICA   This module introduces the optometrist to Icare tonometry and particularly the Icare ic100 tonometer. The rebound behaviour of the probe is used to calculate the IOP. The probe will contact the cornea for about 0.1 seconds when... Read More

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